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7 Reasons why Chitkul is becoming travel hub.

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Himachal Pradesh,Chitkul
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As a traveler, you always wanted to explore places which are unique and uncrowded (at least i prefer 🙂 ) . So when I describe Chitkul, it’s the perfect spot where I can go and peacefully stay for my perfect vacation.

Some Important Note: We started our journey from Delhi, following the google map which says 14hr56min, but actually including your breaks it will be 17 hour journey. We took a night stay at Narkand, as in night the roads of Chitkul are not safe to travel. Please fill your stomach while leaving for Chitkul as there are few restaurants and Dhaba in the way, also your car petrol and your wallet. As there are no ATM and petrol pump here 🙁

Chitkul 0041


Lets start with the reasons:

  1. Last village on the old Hindustan-Tibet trade route:

    This beautiful village is located near the sides of Baspa river and the last inhabited village near Indo-china border. You can also find the Last Dhaba which is named as “Hindustan ka aakhiri dhaba” and military base camp beside it.


    Base camp view

  2. Villagers believe in both Hinduism and Buddhism:

    In the ancient mythology, the people of Chitkul were known  as Kinnaras means the halfway between Gods and Humans. They follow the 500year old traditions during there festivals and believe in existence of god during the rituals. You can learn many new things and history from the villagers if you interact to them.


    Chitkul Temple

  3. Breathtaking road journey:

    The roads here are very dangerous. With blind turns, hairpin bends and narrow width, these roads are touted as one of the most dangerous in the world. I was amazed to see the scenic view during my trip. Every mountains speaks a different story with a eye-catching area of attraction and a peaceful sound of the winds.

    Himachal Pradesh,Chitkul1155

    Road way to Chitkul

    Himachal Pradesh,Chitkul525

    Road view

4. Overall population is 754 people:

As per the google, the counting states 754 people approx but as per my experience I have only seen 20 people around me in Chitkul. It was isolated place with river surrounding the area and the noise which you can only hear from your hotel room was the running water from the river. The most interesting thing which I saw there was the people, they were calm and helpful also generous and beautiful.

Himachal Pradesh,Chitkul451231

Village view

5. Cleanest air and the clearest skies:

I think after inhaling the Delhi pollution, Chitkul air was the blessing for me. We woke up early in the morning for recording the time-lapse of sunrise, it was way more beautiful than a camera can ever capture. In night the sky was as clear as crystal. It seems like we can see the galaxy with naked eye. I still miss this in Delhi.
According to a recent study by Centre of Atmospheric Sciences at IIT Delhi, Chitkul has the cleanest air in India.

Himachal Pradesh,Chitkul14562

Himachal Pradesh,Chitkul

Himachal Pradesh,Chitkul45

Himachal Pradesh,Chitkul

6. Unique architecture of the houses:

The village abounds in typical Himachali architectural cottages of slate or wooden roofs. Every house is colorful, vibrant and different. Even they have wall paintings which are really fine art.We took a tour to the village and the temple for the good photographs.

Himachal Pradesh,Chitkul534

Himachal Pradesh,Chitkul

7. Winter make this place heaven:

We went to this place in winters as well as in summers, and if I have to vote this place in terms of seasons definitely it will be winter. The chilling cold winds and the white snow surrounding the mountains make this place perfect. In night, temperature goes to -17°C which gives you a freezing experience 😀

Himachal Pradesh,Chitkul

Himachal Pradesh,Chitkul

When to Visit:

The best time to visit Chitkul would be between March and September, In the winter months from October to February the roads are mostly blocked. If you are planning to visit, stay at least 5 days.

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