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8 girls habits that boys do not like about them.

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This is the post which will solve girls problem, if they are thinking that their few habits are attractive to boys.

Hello, reader, so boys are very casual and sometimes careless in their life but they want their girl should be perfect in every sense.

Either it comes to dressing or lovemaking.Although some guys get attracted by a girl with her appearance, when time passes it’s her behavior which will be taken into consideration.Actually, both the couple behavior should be considered but this post is to understand boys so girls don’t take it otherwise…

There are some of the habits in girls which boys don’t like but they are unable to explain to the girl, as they are bad in expressing their feelings and views.So this post will help girls to know that what are their habits which annoys a boy.

1.Be confident in ordering your food:

Girls your habits of saying words like (dekh lo jo kuch bhi order kardo) “please order anything you want to” shows that you are not confident about yourself and it really hard to decide for a boy that what is your mood of eating and what you like.It’s like peer pressure on them 😀


Ordering food

2. Party lover is not every time fascinating:

If a boy is serious about you or wants to get into a serious relationship may not like your habits like late night party with your friends or drink excessive alcohol and coming up late into the night.If you are doing this once in a month or some important occasions are there than he can understand that.

3. Gossiping:

If you as a girl love gossiping with your girlfriends than its really fine but you are gossiping about someone with your boy or gossiping about a boy behind his back with your girlfriend is really a big NO NO.Most of the boys love to speak and listen only valuable and necessity words which are enough for their survival 😀 😀 …



4. Dressing Inappropriately:

Every girl loves to look flawless and properly dresses for every occasion, but if you are not comfortable in dresses or heels which you are carrying then this must annoy the boy, as they always want that you should be comfortable with what you are wearing.No matter that it’s a sleepwear or partywear, the only thing is you should be comfortable.


Not comfortable

5.Dropping Hints habits:

Girls often do this as if they want something in the gift she will drop a hint, but boys are bad in catching those hints.They just want that you must be clear with your desire and never make him feel guilty of not completing your any wish.

6. Taking hours to get ready:

If you are taking a long time to get ready than this must be a really unwanted thing for men.As because of this, they start questioning your punctuality and responsibility and also they do not notice that what you are wearing or you have done a different hairstyle.

In short, they lost their interest and will start making fuzzy faces before you.


Getting ready

7. Taking lots of selfies before doing anything:

If you love to take selfies than firstly know your men, is he really likes this?Most of the boys don’t like this and if you do this they feel frustrated as like before eating anything you are taking food pic etc.

They are simple in their ways and this showing off is not their cup of tea.



8. Engaging others in an argument:

Boys don’t like to discuss their personal life with someone else, but girls always do this either with some of their friend and this habit irritates the boy most.

Boys don’t like to discuss their personal life with someone else, but girls always do this either with some of their friend and this habit irritates the boy most.Trying to resolve their problem in relationship women takes opinion either with friends or parents this leave the man feeling disappointed.






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