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Best secrets to keep your girlfriend happy.

We all know that some girls are complicated, obnoxious, shy, full of mood swings, emotional, secretive, sensible, delicate and the list goes on.

Generalizing men and women is not right. Although if I describe scientifically, the changes in a women’s body are more complex than men’s. This includes the hormonal changes which lead to mood swings. Women are more expressive in showing love but not desires. They want you to do something without even saying.

But still, most of the women works on emotions and men on logic’s, don’t get offended girls I am not comparing the intelligence. While the logic’s will always be the same but emotions changes according to time. These small things makes men confuse. Men uses logic’s and tries being neutral which is not what women wants, and that’s how these phrases came – “men will be men” and “no one can understand women”.

These two phrases counterfeit each other .

Now well with few surveys and some observations I came across the 9 things to do to make your girlfriend feel happy and special:

  1. Try to know what she wants in a happy relationship:

    Become curious in knowing what actually a girl wants in a relationship. As every girl has a different thought process and expectation, so it’s really important to know her opinion.

    Maybe she is not aware or expresses just a few points. Still considering her thought will give you a broader way to do things in right way.

    couple fight
    Any relationship never remains always happy and good going, we can say it’s a myth if we believe this. Couples fight sometimes, also cry, that’s a normal thing but how to overcome from that fight and again be together like before is a task. This is the best time to understand each other and see what’s leading to this fight.

    2. Always be aware of your girlfriend mood:
    mood swing

    Girlfriends have many moods, sometimes they feel cranky, anxiety, sad, hangry, anxious, lazy, irritated, cunning, and many more, at least figure out why she is behaving like this.

    For example, if she is feeling low or disappointed, first ask her that if she needs anything then start the conversation to know the reason. Every time just follow one step, that is to know the reason. Once you are aware of it, you can easily sort it down any type of mood. Maybe she has some problem in office or family, just talk to her and try to give her your advice on that context. Believe me or not, 70% of males never try to find the reason for her partner’s mood swings. Also 18% don’t know about this term.

    3. Don’t be ashamed in expressing your feeling :

    date ideas
    Men who express their feeling are rare but one of the best. Women seems out being complicated but actually they are great in expressing feeling which makes them an open book. Men are actually complex, they never express feelings and hide everything within.

    A relationship is successful from both ends if they know each other. Women are understanding if you have a good approach to communicate to her.
    Your girlfriend wants to know your inner feeling, what you think of her, or anything. Tell her your needs, likes, and dislikes as well. As in the end you can’t clap with one hand.

    4. Make the best out of it.

    girlfriend/ caring boyfriend
    Make your relationship best out of it. This is not any approach just simple steps to follow and boom you have a happy space.
    a. Do not just care for her but also take care of the things which make her upset.
    b. It’s necessary to make her realize every time that how much you love her.
    c. Don’t call her from work when you are free, take out the free time and then call.
    d. Introduce her to your friends, this gesture shows that you are serious for her.
    e. Never compare her with other girls, i said never means NEVER.
    f. Try to tell her the truth every time, at least try, because once the trust break nothing will fix.

    5. Girlfriend love surprises:

    Yes, we do. Although we figure it out about the surprises from the beginning but still we love it.
    It shows the caring nature of men, at least he tried to make her girlfriend happy. Surprises don’t means that bringing expensive gifts for the girlfriend, a real girl always appreciates any small gesture of yours.
    Like making a surprise dinner, or bringing flowers, or arranging a small date at home with just Netflix and popcorn. Make her feel special in your life, and the return of this will be fruitful.
    girlfriend/ Surprise date ideas

    6. Share your views and praise her views:

    In many posts you read, that a proper communication is important in a relationship, but what to communicate every time? Couples who are together for many years or live together get out of topic to talk every day. So what you can do is talking on any subject, like watch something and then share your views or read something and praise the lines. These are the best way to make your communication long-lasting. Also, talk about the job and opportunities you are looking in future. This way the bonding regains again.

    Loving girlfriend

    7. Be supportive:

    This is the only point that doesn’t need any explanation, relationship means being supportive mentally, emotionally and physically. But what if you are supporting just when it needed? This means that by asking for support is not all the way you will help. Sometimes, you have to assure that your partner is seeking any help but unable to say it. It’s also important to make sure that you are not ignoring anything.

    girlfriend/ boyfriend

    8. Keep the record of her friends:

    Now this point sounds like a possessive boyfriend but in reality I want to convey something else.
    Keeping the record of her friend is really important in a relationship, with you she will be sharing her secrets but they need a friend to share as well. Well, in short, she needs their friend to have space sometime and chill, because if you don’t do this then once in time she will definitely think that because of you she ignored all her friends.

    Keep the record, call them when you feel she is not sharing everything with you or she gets stressed out. Sometimes invite them by arranging a small party. You believe me or not this is the only way to make her feel special and that you are giving full space to enjoy her personal life.

    girlfriend/ friend group

    9. Communication:

    At last, like all articles says, communicate. Yes, when I asked a girl about their relationship problem the only statement comes that “he doesn’t communicate”.

    Why men, I mean what’s the problem in that, communicate when required. And the most important point is to communicate after a fight at least. Ask her why she is so grumpy. If she is not telling at that time, ask after some time, but never sleep without this step. Morning fights need to be resolved till bed. Or else, it will be harmful to both, maybe not today but once in a journey. Then don’t complain with a quote that “girlfriend remember everything and they use that in a big fight”.
    Becoz you never resolved it!!!girlfriend/ couple romance

I am adding a funny phrase in the end is that Men are like Logic gates with the ability of understanding 0&1 and Women are like artificial intelligence, complex, hard but if processed correctly will make the future bright.

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