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9 ways to impress a girl on chat when you have a crush on her!!

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Ways to impress a girl on chat when you have a crush on her: Girls are never judgmental, they all have their different aspects of lifestyle and thought the process and it shows in chat. So it’s really hard to find out that what they like and what are the things they get offense about.

Impressing a girl over chat is the most difficult task to do for a boy and if you are in touch with her only through that, it seems impossible to impress her.

So here I am to solve this problem, as I asked few girls in my office, school friends and some social friends about this topic, I came to a conclusion that they all love to chat with boys who can do this 5 things:

1.Start your conversation by asking some help from the girl:

Girls love to help in reality, as they take this as an opportunity.So, you can start your chat by asking some help like if she is your colleague or a college friend then you can say “I heard from your friends that you have a good choice in clothing, can you suggest me that where can I buy a nice one for my mom”. Girls get happy when someone asks about shopping advice from them, especially boys.



2.Appreciate her help and ask to provide help in return whenever she required:

If she helped in any way or at least get ready for that, don’t forget to appreciate it. They really like it and feel important, also you can ask her for coffee as a return to her help.But never force her or show her that your main motive was to date her.Belittle specific in your words.If she says no, then do not ask her again for at-least few days.

3.It’s time to show some interest in her:

When you have started the conversation, now it’s time to show that you have some interest in her, but not telling her directly. Use some words like I like your choice or I really appreciate your work or hobby, I like your dressing sense etc. Lines which indirectly shows your interest in her. “Do not forget that girls really have the sixth sense, they already know your motive. You just have to show your skills.”

4.Don’t ask such questions which are too personal: 

The most annoying thing which most of the boys do is that in beginning of the conversation days, they start asking personal questions to girls.Most of the girls get irritated with this step and choose to block or not reply to them. Girls only share their personal stuff when they can trust on anyone, but they take time for that. So boys, give some time to them, even in this modern era also you have to keep patience to get a girl.



5.Remember her every word:

If you want to impress her, just remember everything she tells about her. Even the name of her puppy matters to her.I know it’s really hard, but sometimes hard work also pays off.

6.Never ever talk about the qualities of other girls to her:

Some boys think that if he tells about his ex’s to the girl than it will create a cool image of him. But boys, it’s a big NO, a girl can pretend in front of you that she is not borrowed for that but in reality, she dislikes it or feel bored.How can a girl digest the quality of another girl? Seriously…



7.Never compare her to your ex’s:

Also never ever try to compare her with your ex’s. This is the foolish thing a boy can do. It’s like cutting the branch of the tree on which you are sitting.”Acchi khaasi pati patayi ladki gussa ho jayegi or tumko pata bhi nhi chalega”.

8.Be Online when she is Online and Make Your Presence: 

It matters!! Yes guys, girls really like it when you reply to her immediately or get online when she is. But never ping her by saying that ” you are online at night and not replying to me”. Yes also, never make her feel that you are stalking her on social media.

9.Last and VERY IMP While impressing her never lose your dignity:

This happens with most of the guys, that in terms of impressing and getting a girl they forget their dignity and importance, and most of the girls really use this type of boys for their personal works to get completed.At this point, I can say that boys are not smart to deny their demands and get trapped in all this mess.So never miss this term boys.



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