by admin

Hi, I am Parul a free spirit with a passion for traveling, writing, photography, and a certified Digital Marketer. I already have a degree of bachelors in computer science and engineering. I love to see people, their culture, their religion, and their language. 

I started this blog on May 17, 2017, as my hobby, but slowly and steadily I started earning from this. Although this idea of making a lifestyle blog was mine to carry out this my college friend, Nandan, and my husband, Bhaskar helped it.

The up-till journey was not easy, in starting I just started doing but after reading from other bloggers it made me realize that regular blogging and engaging blogs are the main key reason for getting engagement. 

In last, what kept me motivated?

My viewers, they give lots of comments and suggestion. I think if you are giving input you need output and I am getting that in form of comments. At that time you feel connected and persuaded.

That’s all folks! Cheers! And keep subscribing and commenting.