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Boy’s habits that really woo a girl

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Boy’s habits that really woo a gir
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Boy’s don’t go for complicated things, they choose that path which makes them comfortable with minimal effort. Same thing happens with their habits and lifestyle. Sometimes they even don’t recognise that their habits are really annoying.

But girls are totally opposite and choosy in nature. They dislike a person if their habits are not as per their ideology. So I thought that it’s time to write about this little things that boys are ignoring and girls are noticing it…

If you are really interested in girls probably you need to change your some of the habits that she starts liking you!!

There are so many girls with so many different desires

1. Be a Gentleman:

As I have already mentioned, girls notice little things about boys and they expect some of the gestures from boys which really makes him a perfect gentleman. Like,

  • opening a door for her either of the cars or entering in public place
  • when she is tired then making a coffee or her favorite dish
  • helping her in the daily chores


2. Understand her emotion and then react:

Some boys are really lost in their own world, they even don’t know that girls have more than 30 types of mood swings. For them, there is only two mood ( happy 🙂 or sad 🙁 ). Change your habit and try to understand her. And if you find this difficult then just try to show her that you are trying to figure it out.

Girls really adore that guy who at least tries to understand her.



3. Maintain Hygiene:

I will not say that all girls are hygienic but if they are then they really expect the same from you. They really like boys who care for their personal hygiene and keep their surroundings clean.

So boys start cleaning your socks and washing your collars. It’s not easy to get a girl without an effort 😀



4. Don’t be too choosy about food:

Mostly boys are very picky about food.They eat only what they like.

But girls love to do experiment with food. If your girl is making some food for you, try to at least taste and appreciate her so that she didn’t get disappointed.Also, help her in making the food and boost her moral.These little things really matter to a girl.



5. Put your attention towards her every word:

Boys have one annoying habit, they hear only that things which are only important as per them.Many girls love to talk about their entire day or about family or friends.But boys can’t sit and just listen to them, they are always busy with their own stuff and miss the words that she is telling you.

So try to listen to her every word and response also, it makes her feel important in your life.



6. Protecting her physically and mentally:

Girls love boys who protect her in public and make her feel secure. They love this manly gesture towards her.But only protecting her physically is not just important.You should also care for her mentally that she shares her everyday struggle and thoughts with you like a friend. And you know that she is fine and not going through any depression.

7. Loving her like a princess:

Make her feel like the princess by caring for her, loving her, cherish her.As girls have one quality, she may be strong in their daily life but expect a love from you like no one can give to her.

8. Making her independent:

The most important habit is that never make yourself the habit of her.Always try to make the girl independent in her life.If you are at any point in life is not with her then at least she didn’t become weak.

  • Always ask her to order the food
  • Let her decide the outdoor plan
  • Ask her to drive on the road

Free girl

Your little effort with your lifestyle can make a big difference in others life.

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