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How to be the best boyfriend (9 ways) | Letstrylife

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As a boy, we always have some responsibility and expectations from others which needs to be fulfilled consistently. I know its a hard task to become the best boyfriend and you can’t always show the best version of you, sometimes you also expect care from your loved ones.

Initially, in every relationship there is love, romance, care and happiness. But it start degrading as the time flies because the basic pillar of the relationship i.e, priority is changing for both of them.

But for becoming the best boyfriend : Do not overshadow your relationship, follow this 9 simple steps to get your upgraded version. (how her priority is changing and how can you reverse that) :

  • She needs your full attention :

    Try to give her your attention by doing small things which can be a life savior.
    1.Call her when you get a short break from your work.
    2.Ask her about the meals, office and colleagues
    3.During periods, try to help in her chaos and take care in the best way possible.

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    • Try to gel up with her friends :

    Friends are the good source of increasing the bonding between you two. They can become the cupids in your relationship if you have some good terms with them.
    1.Ask them for the day out with you and your girl.
    2.Take a good care of her in front of them (Trust me girls love that)
    3.Talk to her friends and know your girl in a better way

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  • Help her in achieving dream :

    Nowadays, girls are really more career centric than men, and if she is facing issue in it be the problem solver for her. Maybe, she is undergoing some sort of stress and you can save her from deteriorating her health. Which will bring a focus on you when she will be stress free.

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  • She really wants to meet your friend :

    Not only meeting her friend is enough in the relationship. She also wants to know you and by this way it will be very clear to her, that you are serious for her.

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  • Spend some time with her :

    Best boyfriend means understanding in every way.
    Take her to the outing, talk to her about your common hobbies. Plan some date with her or try something adventurous things. Make her weekend memorable so that the rest of the week can be smooth.


  • Share your thoughts :

    “Sharing is caring”, we all knew this phrase but the boys feel shy in doing that. If you are sharing something with anyone than that person is special to you. Your girl loves to know things about you because in some ways she also wants to understand you. Talk to her about your ups and downs, about the feeling and romance.

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  • Be a gentleman :

    Do not forget that “A gentleman knows when to call her sexy, and when to let her know she’s beautiful.” A good gestures are important in your relationship, which includes opening door for her, ask her permission before entering the room if she is changing, helping her in the kitchen, showing your love appropriately in public place etc.

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  • Good in bed :

    Your romance part is as important in her life, as the other part. She need you to distract herself from other stress and love her like no one has ever did it before. Try to know her fantasies and dislikes, google some great methods. Also a general tip : Feed her well before all this, a girl can be spontaneous after this.

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    “And I’ve realized that the Beatles got it wrong. Love isn’t all we need—love is all there is.”

  • Plan activities together :

    You both should decide your common hobbies or your pending trips and plan it well to spend your most of the time together. After all doing things alone is much better than doing with someone with same level of interest.
    If you want to do something everyday together, maybe before dinner you can watch one episode of sitcom together.

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