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Time to know the writer of Letstrylife. We are back!!!

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After 11 months and 17 day, we are back!

we are back

With the apology, I need to start the topic…

Hey everyone, I am really happy to be back with lots of new ideas and fun. This is Parul Dubey, and our FTVweb family has 4 members. Many people appreciated our blog, and many gave an amazing feedback (either  good or bad) we truly appreciate that.

How I started this blog:

I was bored with my regular work in the office, and doing same stuff everyday . Meanwhile, I kept on scrolling Facebook and saw a post about a beauty tips for the wedding season. If I truly say, I disliked the post because it consist of fancy words with monotonous ideas. I felt that I wasted my time and this can be written in better way.

And after a month later…

My friend (also one of the technical supporter and designer of FTVweb) was teaching me how to make a website, and then I asked him about the idea of making my own website. So that was the day when we started our journey.

We thought it would be a flop idea, as none of us have the experience in this area, but we continued to work on this after returning from office everyday. Giving 2 hour everyday to this blog was a life savior for me.

Suddenly, one day our one of the blog was seen by many visitors, and they gave an amazing comment with great feedback. I was in the office, when we got this news. Excited and jumping on my seat. I felt happiness on that day which I never felt on my job life.

Then suddenly, i got sick and lost my job due to bad health. As I was the only writer for this website so we were unable to post any blog. After one year of recovery and a new laptop gave me motivation to write again and make FTVweb followers happy.

Writer Advice: A little advice which I can give you is that, if you are thinking to start your own blog and have a creative writing ideas than just go for it. No second thought is required. It’s a matter of time and some hard work but when you see that people are liking your work, trust me your life will give a quick-start from that day.

The only thing which helped me out to write it back was the good feedback and comments from the visitors.


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Jay August 22, 2019 - 9:27 am

Well Said Parul, I loved how you started the journey And you presented us with such an awesome blog with lots of travel information, experience and pictures. Hope we get to read and see more places in the future.

admin August 28, 2019 - 2:54 pm

Thankyou Jay.. your feedback really important for us.


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