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What to wear in Goa – follow the 5 steps for the all day look

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Goa is an amazing place to try the new and carefree look to get the best pictures of yours.

Before my recent trip to Goa, I was also googling it out the best look for the vacation and the essentials which are must to be taken there. I got many ideas from various bloggers video and also from my friends. But, it took lot of time to summarize all of that and make the best look of the day.

As I want to spend less on my clothes, so my friends advised me to buy clothes from Shein, and I truly admit that they saved my money and gave me the options for the all day look.

So, with my experience I am detailing about the steps for the best look in Goa…

  1.  Bring Out Your Beach Girl Look

    Beaches are the best place to relax, and so it goes for your look. It also has to be comfy so that you can enjoy your day.
    If you are not comfortable with the Bikini, you can wear other things to look as sexy as you can. Options are such as:

    a. Swimsuit with shorts:


    Smiling woman in a yellow swimsuit and denim shorts

    b.  Shorts with camisole/bralette ( tie up the shirt/beach cover up(shrugs))


    shrug shorts

    c.  Maxi dress with tie up back or backless

    beach wear

    backless dress beach wear

  2.  Time to walk on the streets :

    Explore the streets of Goa with the easy breezy hot summer pack look, but do not forget the heat tan there:

    a. Jumpsuit with denim Jacket:

    b. Crop top with high waist bottoms:

    c. Floral, Boho or off shoulder dresses:

  3.  Bang on the party look :

    Everyday is like a party in Goa, still night out is best recognized here. Bring the best of you by trying new looks:

    a. Glitter dress

    b. Side slit dress

    c. Sexy bralette and high waist pants

  4. Learn to slay on the sight scene:

    a. Loose pants and top

    b. Loose dress with flats

  5.  Do not forget to keep everyday essentials:

    a. Bum bag

    b. Layered chain necklace

    c. Criss-cross gladiators

    d. Colored Sunglasses

    If  you have any idea which I may missed in my content, you can drop a comment or chat with us and we will really like to hear some other ideas from you!!!!

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